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Catherine O'Riordan

Integrative Psychotherapist, Supervisor and Group Facilitator


About Me

I am a developmentally based, relationally focused Integrative Psychotherapist, Supervisor and Group Facilitator.

I am based in Nottingham and see clients/supervisees from my office which is attached to my home. I aim to create a warm, welcoming and respectful environment for our work together. 

As a psychotherapist I practice in a Humanistic way which means my focus is on your healing and growth as a person and not just  on 'the problem'. I look to support you on your journey of self-discovery and help you find relief, restoration and transformation; to grow into the unique adult you are. This journey to wholeness may include us exploring your spirituality and formative experiences of religion.


In addition to my private practice I offer clinical supervision, academic supervision and pastoral supervision. I have been writing and running workshops for counsellors and psychotherapists since 2015. The 2-day Your Inner Child and Shame workshops are the two I currently run. I also design and facilitate bespoke trainings for colleges and counselling services.


In 2024 I am starting a 10 week therapy group for counsellors, psychotherapists and allied health professional which I am very excited about.


BACP Membership No. 065056 

UKCP Reg. No. 2011164382

APSE Membership No. 92058

ACC Membership No. 103970


My Specialisms


Our relationships are so important to us and are fundamental to our well being. Sometimes we need help to explore things about being in relationship - including romantic or sexual relationships - that are private and difficult to understand and navigate. Being in relationship can be a deeply emotional experience that requires lots of reflection, thoughts and decisions. Exploring these relationships - alone, as a couple, or poly - can accelerate our ability to create healthy intimacy. Working with inclusion and diversity in mind I seek to help you navigate the challenges of being in relationship.

Inner Child

'Inner child' is a metaphor that helps us to understand and learn to relate compassionately to parts of ourselves that were wounded and shaped by our past experiences and relationships. At the same time it is important to discover and liberate our creative, authentic eternal inner child and get the support to direct and shape

our adult lives. Sometimes we need help to uncover the fear and shame that holds us back from taking the steps we need towards recovery, autonomy and self-actualisation. The quality of our relationship with ourselves is vital to our happiness.

Therapy Group

We learn things about ourselves within a group that we can't when we are just in a one-to-one relationship. The therapy group is only for qualified counsellors. It runs for 12 weeks, and meets weekly on a Thursday evening for 2 hours. The fee is £540. The next group starts on April 21st 2022. The group meets in-person, in Nottingham and is made up of 12 people plus two facilitators. We get to confront ourselves differently in a group setting and learn to give and receive support and acceptance in a way that brings deep down relief and growth.

Grief, Loss and Endings

Loss and grief come to all of us. We may need to grieve things from our childhood we didn't have or did have and didn't want. An important relationship, job or group may have ended. Someone close may have died or moved away. We may be faced with our own or someone else's illness. We may grieve as we come to accept life in all its hard edges. We may grieve a loss of belief or faith. As a human there is lots to grieve.


Sometimes we need help to grieve our losses and learn to live again even though things are not and never will be the same. 

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