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Nottingham Therapy Group 2023


The therapy group has been designed for qualified counsellors, psychotherapists and allied health professionals. It is underpinned by a Humanistic philosophy and approach and looks to find creative responses in a fully interpersonal environment. The aim of the group is to help enhance your autonomy and self-actualisation. As facilitator I will help foster a sense of security, experimentation, belonging and intimacy within the group so that everyone can grow relationally.


The therapy group is in person and there are up to fourteen places.


We will meet in Nottingham, venue to be decided. Prior to committing to the 10 week therapy group you will have a 15 minute appointment, either in person or zoom.


The therapy group will be on a Tuesday for 2 hours; 6.00pm-8.00pm. The cost is £45 for a group session A non-refundable deposit of £100 will secure your place. The total cost is £450.

The next group will start in 2024. Please do contact me if you are interested in forming this new group.


Mobile: 07875 816 205.

This therapy group is underpinned by Humanistic principles and seeks to create a relational environment where each individual can give and receive the relational conditions needed to promote recovery, growth and self-actualisation.

'Group Process and the Start of Something New'

SPTI Contact Magazine, Summer 2021.

The philosophy of this group is also inspired by psychoanalyst Karen Horney, an early protagonist of self-actualisation.
Click the arrows to discover quotes from Horney on the subject.
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