Private Practice


Client Information Sheet

Counselling Contract 2021

  • £50 per 60 minute hour

  • In person

  • COVID safety precautions

  • Online/telephone on request

Whatever your situation my aim as a therapist is to be as useful and helpful to you as possible. To help you clarify what is troubling you I listen carefully to what's been going on and what it is you're experiencing.  I then support you to make sense of your feelings, thoughts, difficulties and wishes. We will often work to relate your here and now problems to past relationships and situations that might well be feeding into your here and now difficulties. 

The ultimate aim of therapy is to help you grow and mature into the unique, authentic adult you are and at the same time learn how to reconnect with yourself in a way that frees your true self and nurtures what I call your 'wounded inner child'. Therapy seeks to help you recover from past relational wounds and life traumas and develop new skills and attitudes that enable you to enjoy a more satisfying relationship with yourself and others.

Types of Therapy: Humanistic, Integrative, Psychodynamic, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy


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Clinical supervision information sheet and contract

  • £55 per 60 minute hour

  • Individual and groups

  • In person

  • COVID safety precautions

  • Online on request

I have worked as a clinical supervisor for six years. I qualified with a Diploma in Supervision with The Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute in 2020. I work with qualified and trainee therapists, both as individuals and sometimes in groups. I offer in person and online clinical supervision and often a combination of the two works best.


My approach as a clinical supervisor is as a developmentally based, relationally focused Integrative Psychotherapist. My understanding is that supervision is a professional, confidential, contracted, collaborative relationship between at least two people. Supervision is first and foremost a relationship, albeit a professional one, with one person having the responsibilities of a supervisor and the other(s) having responsibilities of supervisee.  I seek to provide the relational conditions out of which you can explore your clinical work and circumstances with a view to safeguarding and developing the quality of your service. The aim of supervision is to support you to reflect on yourself as a practitioner and to get the support, encouragement and guidance you need to practice ethically and effectively. I also seek to help practitioners link practice to theory and theory and research to practice and become more assured in their life as a professional. 

I also offer academic supervision.