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2-Day Inner Child Workshop

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Inner Child 2-day zoom workshop October 7th and 21st, 2023. Only £99


This 2-day inner child workshop has been written for counsellors and psychotherapists but may also be found relevant for practitioners in allied fields of work. 


I believe this developmentally based, relationally focused integrative approach is distinctive in its constellation of focusing equally on liberating the eternal inner child, growing the adult and learning to recognise the wounded inner child or children. It is distinctive because this three pronged approach always seeks to empower and celebrate the unique here and now person/adult.


The next inner child workshop date are October 7th and 21st, 2023; the two days make the one workshop. The payment £99.


The workshops are held on a Saturday with a two-week space in between. I have thought to do it this way because the first day introduces the three-part inner child model - liberate the eternal inner child; grow the adult; recognise, connect, and nurture the various wounded inner child parts - and the second day enables participants to explore the model in relation to themselves and the people they support. The gap allows you to do some reflective work before we reconvene for day 2.

The workshop is experiential, especially day 2, and therefore I do not record the sessions as this may inhibit the free flowing of sharing. I suggest people consider the space from which they are zooming, both the literal physical space from which they are zooming, but also your emotional space and your needs following on from the workshop.

Each of the Saturdays is facilitated in three sections and I find a small group means we can work together throughout the whole day. I won’t be using PowerPoint or breakout rooms as this also helps to create a sense of working together as a group online. You will receive handouts and a bibliography to accompany the workshop and a certificate of attendance for 10.5 hours.

Session 1: 9am-10.30am

15 minute break

Session 2: 10.45am-12.15pm

30 minute break

Session 3: 12.45pm-2.15pm

When paying please put your name and the workshop date in the heading. My bank details are. Also, please email me to let me know you have paid. Once you have paid I will email you a receipt.

My approach crafting this workshop: 

I am a developmentally based, relationally focused Integrative Psychotherapist, Supervisor, and Gestalt Group Facilitator

The aim of this 2-workshop is to help you to explore experientially and conceptually how to realize your authentic or true self. It focuses on deconstructing child-based notions of what it means to be an adult; nurturing your most adult self whilst at the same time connecting compassionately with your wounded inner child or children. The final element in this approach is to explore and liberate your eternal inner child, the creative and spiritual part of you. Together this three pronged approach creates a simple but powerful approach to self-actualisation through integration; where the autonomy and uniqueness of the whole person is celebrated.

As well as being underpinned by Humanistic principles I draw on psychodynamic theory, child development and neuroscience. The aim of this integrative approach is to facilitate the growth and integration of the whole adult person whilst working with developmentally arrested parts and states.


The 2-day workshop is experiential and encourages self-disclosure and sharing from both myself and you as participants. I seek to support the individual and the group process. From experience I believe this way of learning creates an ideal environment for understanding and integrating this model into your life and clinical work.

In a secure and confidential group space you will explore:

  • Facilitating your self-actualisation

  • How to debunk child-based views of being 'adult' 

  • How to nurture your adult self

  • How to identify your eternal inner child and liberate it

  • How to identify and connect compassionately with your wounded inner child or children

  • How to navigate shame processes

  • How to apply this approach in your clinical setting

Concrete Wall

F Santos

"I really enjoyed the mix of theory and practice. I also enjoyed being reminded of what counselling is all about." 

Samantha Arditti

"Very insightful. Catherine has created a safe place and useful new ways of working with clients"

Amrita Athwal

"Your workshop has been amazing today. I have learnt a lot about myself and have come away with a more enriched way of working with my clients"

Lynette Evans

 “I loved that the workshop was split into four so that we were able to experience and explore our inner child” 

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