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About Me

I am a developmentally based, relationally focused Integrative Psychotherapist, Supervisor and Gestalt Group Facilitator.

I work in Nottingham from my office which is attached to my home. I aim to create a warm, welcoming and respectful environment for our work together. 

As a psychotherapist I practice in a Humanistic way which means my focus is on you as a person and not just 'the problem'. I look to support you on your journey of healing and help you find recovery and restoration as well as helping you to grow into the unique adult that you are.


In addition to my private practice I offer clinical supervision and academic supervision. I have been writing and running workshops for counsellors and psychotherapists since 2016; the 2-Day Your Inner Child and Shame workshops are the two I currently run. I also design and facilitate bespoke trainings.


In 2024 I will be facilitating a 12 week therapy group for qualified counsellors.


My Story

I originally trained at Goldsmith’s College University of London (1995) where I was awarded a Certificate in Humanistic and Psychodynamic Counselling. At the time I was working as a staff and student counsellor and chaplain in a S.E. London Roman Catholic 6th Form College where I worked for five years. My supervision during these years was with a Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist at the University of London Counselling Service. During this time I was fortunate to have three times a week psychoanalytic therapy and this gave me a deep personal appreciation for psychodynamic theory and practice.

Following my Certificate I began steps to train as a child psychotherapist and studied for two years with The Lincoln Centre and Institute for Psychotherapy (Tavistock & Portman NHS Trust) where I completed my Observational Studies and partly finished my MA in Observational Studies and the Application of Psychoanalytic Concepts to Children, Families and Infants (1997). Perhaps not well timed, but I became pregnant half way through this training and due to obstetric issues I was unable to complete this degree. However, I learned so much from my weekly infant observation of a new born baby within the family home. My psychoanalytic studies and these experiential learnings provided me with a core foundation for my present work as a relationally focused, developmentally based psychotherapist. 

In 2008 I qualified as a Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy and Time-Line Therapy with Collette White who was trained with Tad James. I think NLP and hypnotherapy offer creative strategies and techniques for change and growth and are easy to learn and practice within your life. The 'Presuppositions' of NLP are really neat and practical and underpin my practice as a therapist.

In Nottingham I worked as a student counsellor at an FE College and since qualifying from the MSc Integrative Psychotherapy (2014) at The Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute (SPTI), I have been working full time in private practice as well as offering clinical and academic supervision. I also completed my Diploma in Integrative Supervision with SPTI in 2020.

My MSc research was 'A descriptive phenomenological inquiry into the client’s experience of discovering and reconnecting with hidden aspects-of-self within the context of Humanistic-Integrative Psychotherapy'. In a way this research built on my earlier interest in becoming a child therapist except instead of working with actual infants and children I have become specialised in working with adults whose inner child needs TLC. I have created an approach to working with the whole person to facilitate self-actualisation. This inner child approach is three-pronged: nurture the adult, liberate the eternal inner child and connect compassionately with all the wounded inner child parts.

I have published three times in the BACP Private Practice Journal where I share how I use NLP and hypnotherapy Integratively as part of my practice and explore how I use the inner child metaphor within my work.

I used to have a regular space in my local paper, the Nottingham Post, around mental healthiness and I am passionate about helping people to understand how to care for themselves and make what changes they can to improve their wellbeing within all the various systemic challenges and constraints.


I previously worked as a Magistrate in the Adult, Youth and Community Courts and I was a Magistrate Member of the Police Authority where I was Chair of Equalities. Inclusive practice and a respect for autonomy and difference is fundamental to how I seek to work as a therapist.

I have two degree's from Heythrop College, University of London: BA(Hons) Philosophy and Theology (1987) and MTh Christian Doctrine (1989). More recently I completed an introductory training in Ignatian Spiritual Accompaniment. Spirituality is an important part of my life journey and I have a special soft spot for the life and teachings of Jesus but less so for the church as an institution. I am a respecter of faith and no faith alike.

Since I was 16  have had a consistent appreciation for yoga and the importance of being fully embodied. Yoga as a regular practice has been one of the most important gifts to my own mental health and wellbeing. In more recent times neuroscience and polyvagal theory has helped to explain why yoga is so good for us. I work holistically which means paying attention to our bodies and mind as indivisible and one; I have never met a disembodied individual.

In 2023 I qualified with a Certificate in Group Facilitation with the Gestalt Centre London and in 2024 I will be facilitating a 12 week group psychotherapy for qualified therapists. Over the past year I have enjoyed and learned a lot from my experience as a client engaging in group psychodrama and as a supervisee engaging in group psychodrama supervision.

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