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Shame Workshop


In Person 1-day Shame Workshop.


When: Saturday, April 20th, 2024.


Time: 10.30am – 4.00pm


Fee: £100 (please contact me directly if you need to pay less or pay in instalments)


Venue: Nottingham.

Maximum of 18 places

You will be given an attendance certificate for 6.5 hours.

Written and facilitated by Catherine O’Riordan (MBACP/UKCP/APSE/ACC)

When paying by bank transfer please put your name and 'April 24 Shame' in the heading. Also, please email/text/WhatsApp me to let me know you have paid.

Email: Mobile: 07875 816 205. Once you have paid I will email you a receipt.

Bank transfer details:

Name of account: NLP Vision
Sort code: 40 - 35 -18
Account Number: 1450 40 89

I also deliver this as a closed workshop to organisations.

In a confidential space you will explore:

  • How to identify shame in yourself, others, transgenerationally and systemically.

  • How to understand the 'why' and how of 'how' of shame as a protective dynamic of the authentic self.

  • How to help clients with underlying shame processes.

All workshops reflect my developmentally based, relationally focused approach to Integrative Psychotherapy. Throughout the workshop I situate our exploration of shame within my inner child framework of 'grow the adult, liberate the eternal/natural inner child and identify and relate lovingly to all the wounded inner child parts'.


Throughout the day we will look together at:

- shame and shame theory from various developmental and relational perspectives;

- the phenomenology of shame and dig into the ways shame is experienced maybe differently on different occasions by the same person and differently from one person to the next;

- healthy shame versus toxic shame;

- transgenerational shame and how this might relate to the protected characteristics in the Equality Act 2010;

- case study and/or self-disclosure; 

- we will explore clinical interventions that have helped us manage ourselves and our shame reactions in a way that has increased our behavioural repertoire.

All my workshops are from a developmentally based, relationally focused approach to Integrative Psychotherapy. Workshops are experiential and seek to engage participants in exploring their own experience of shame as people and as professionals and to bring theory to bare on their experience. I draw on action methods from both Gestalt and Psychodrama to help participants gain insight, learn from others and consider various theories to help them explore ways of working and thinking clinically. For these reasons I do not use powerpoint and as far as possible I like the group to stay as a whole group rather than splitting into smaller break out groups.

Following the workshop you will get a certificate of attendance and resources like handouts and a bibliography will be emailed to participants.

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